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USA Rail Tour 2014 | day 12

Travel Tip: don’t stay too long. When I arrived to Louisville I had the choice of leaving on Saturday morning. I changed it to get to Chicago on Sunday night to meet up with Zig and Max. Unfortunately this kept me in Louisville one day too long. By the end of day 12/2nd full day […]

USA Rail Tour 2014 | day 11

Louisville with Tim Day 2 This day was really the first actual day in Louisville. After playing gin rummy into the wee hours I woke up fairly not hungover. None the less I had a crave for Pho. Tim and I would get frequent the pho in Portland and I knew I could count on […]

USA Rail Tour 2014 | day 8

Frederick, MD Despite being arrested last night for telling the cops they shouldnt have the right to smash a persons -in this case a drunk womans- face into the concrete while twisting her arm around her back, Frederick is amazing. My hosts are inspiring – talented – loving – generous people. I am lucky to […]

USA Rail Tour 2014 | day 6

Brooklyn After my host was arrested and sent to central booking for an unlit spliff roach I left the Anarchists house. Fuck cops, but fuck anarchists too. New York and I arent the best of friends. Ive never felt at home there. The only reason I visit is for the person I will spending time […]

USA Rail Tour 2014 | day 1

day 1 Milwaukee – Chicago Chicago – DC “surrounded by a cloud of dissociative fog” This trip is beginning. My heart is beating. Thoughts are lost on the rails. So far the most interesting thing was when Ron, my seat mate, tried to steal my bag as he got kicked off the train last night. […]