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Mexico day 9 : traveling with depression

Depression doesn’t stay at home as we jetset to new places, unfortunately it travels with us. It’s also not the baggage you can check or leave in the hotel. It’s like your fanny-pack clashing with your best travel outfit. It’s like a backpack filling up with goods in which the weight makes your whole body […]

Mexico days 5 – 7

I was supposed to be in Puebla on day 5 but Oaxaca has taken hold and won’t let me leave. Everyday the adventure plans itself guiding me through this quaint yet bustling city. I feel lucky, but I don’t believe in luck. This is intent paying off. These last few days have been magical. There […]

Mexico day 3 : Pray, Sin and then Celebrate

Unlike yesterday, today was not as innocent but muy culturally immersive. My morning started with the sound of church bells and the cracks of what sounded like gunshots. I listened closely for a whistle trail that might distinguish them as fireworks, but I wasn’t hearing any trails and the pops of the loud bangs sounded […]

Brooklyn under $300

 People ask me all the time how I travel so much. I usually tell them with privilege and luck. However, this is undercutting the work that I put forth to stay on the road. This last week I went down to Brooklyn. I didn’t have very much money but I had an itch to skip town and […]

Rue Rides the Rails

Railways. Transcontinental exploration. Life in the slow lane. Nowhere to be but where I am. Let’s talk about riding the train. There is a picture of me riding the train somewhere in Kansas around the age of 3 or so. It must have been part of my cognitive development that traveling is key to my […]

Sacre-Coeur, Montmartre, Paris

I think its worth leaving the present behind for a moment to reflect on a more exciting past, one in which I could breathe freer. The first place my head starts to wander is Paris… on top of the hill in Montmartre where you can over look the city from Sacre-Coeur  {Sacred Heart}. Erica had […]

Castiglione del Lago

We finally made it to Castiglione del Lago but the water was too choppy to take a paddle boat out. Our dreams were crushed. Being the adventurous gals we are, we made the best of it. If you are walking down a path and you see what used to be a path, we suggest take […]