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Sweet Peebus : Daring to Dive

“Risk everything for love. Lifes too short to be a slave to anything other than one’s own heart.” -Sweet Peebus This was sent to me in a message this week. I was so excited to be the first person Sweet Peebus contacted (after her mother) to tell me she is taking the plunge… She is going […]

Frankie Update : an overwhelming process

The camper is coming along… but not without a few scattered moments of self-doubt. This consists of me sitting down in the middle of a project: exhausted: “I feel like I am trying to reinvent a wheel!” scared: “Have I made this worse than it needed to be?” alone: “I wish there was someone here to […]

Brooklyn under $300

 People ask me all the time how I travel so much. I usually tell them with privilege and luck. However, this is undercutting the work that I put forth to stay on the road. This last week I went down to Brooklyn. I didn’t have very much money but I had an itch to skip town and […]

Rue Rides the Rails

Railways. Transcontinental exploration. Life in the slow lane. Nowhere to be but where I am. Let’s talk about riding the train. There is a picture of me riding the train somewhere in Kansas around the age of 3 or so. It must have been part of my cognitive development that traveling is key to my […]