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Swipe Right

  Creative Director at The Pigeons Studio & Gallery Portland Community College Portland State University I talk about poop too much. I occasionally smoke cigarettes. I get too attached too quick and then run away. It’s difficult to open up sexually, I am a woman processing my “father issues”. I’m a workaholic. I have been […]

Everyone is a ghost

Everyone is a ghost. Everyone is a memory. Who we thought people were are ghosts of who they have become. Sometimes this happens when we see past our own ideas of them. After we stop projecting what we want them to be. Eventually who we thought those people were stay in memory. Everyone is a ghost. […]


  : a woman who is very attractive but also dangerous                   Rubina Martini Ziggy B. Canon  Ae-1 2002 expired Kodak film | Rescue From Wasteland

estate : identity

4 20 x 30 photo prints | an inventory of everything owned categorized by item name, type, year attained, sentimental price, means of attainment, collection items and received from. everything is for sale. any items part of a collection are not for individual sale. inventory


9 x 12 | mixed media book using a combination of transfer techniques such as gel medium, elmer’s glue, wintergreen, iron transfers and transparencies. Each image is of the artist or taken by them. :goals :admirations There is an internal dialogue “should I choose to live or should I choose not to”. My feet are […]