My craft includes fiber arts, installation, performance, photography, printmaking, publishing, video, and web development. I am a creative non-fiction writer of prose and poetry.

I have studied art, education and women’s studies at Portland Community College (PCC) and Portland State University. I hold a Multimedia Certificate from PCC and a Certificate in Writing from the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC).

I teach at the IPRC and through Saturday Academy’s saturday high, summer camp and after school program. My class roster has included natural fiber sculpture, bookbinding, video production, animation, blog writing, and travel studies through hand work. I use a feminist framework in developing curriculum and creating a safe learning space.

I have volunteered for Project Grow, an organization providing art and farm opportunities to people with developmental disabilities. I have also worked at the Independent Publishing Resource Center since 2010 as a Letterpress Shop Steward, Bookbinding Steward and Community Outreach Facilitator. I was the Chief of Staff/Volunteer Coordinator of the Experimental Film Fest PDX. In my early days I volunteered time at the Albany Damien Center an HIV/AIDS community space in Upstate New York.

Between 2016-2017 I owned and directed The Pigeons Studio and Gallery in Portland, Oregon along with the help from its 15 volunteers.