Rue Returns Soon

It has been eventful, all of it, the last year, the last few months, the day by day, minute by minute.

In the next couple months I will be reinventing this site then returning with new anecdotes of my adventures.

In the meantime check out past posts about building alternative homes, traveling the United States of America, Mexico and Europe, and peak at archived art pieces.

Back Soon:



Roaming Home rebuilds. Read about urban Vandwelling. Check out pics from the build of Bleu, my 1988 Econoline and see the finishing touches of Frankie, my vintage travel trailer.


Studio Life has been a learning curve, like: How do you create art while running a business and working a full time job to pay for it?


Travel is happening. In August I will be relocating Frankie from Wisconsin to Austin. I will spend some time with family in both places before jetting off to Mother’s 50th birthday Provincetown. Here I will learn about her choice to move onto a boat in the Cape.


Look forward to the return. Thanks for checking in!





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