Mexico days 5 – 7

I was supposed to be in Puebla on day 5 but Oaxaca has taken hold and won’t let me leave. Everyday the adventure plans itself guiding me through this quaint yet bustling city. I feel lucky, but I don’t believe in luck. This is intent paying off.

These last few days have been magical. There hasn’t been one single thing planned yet we are seeing everything and more than expected. Whether it is Armando’s uncle surprising us with day trips to ruins or running into acquaintances we keep acquiring, the experience is nothing shy of serendipitous.

I live for serendipity, destiny and the feeling you get when all the energy you put into the world comes back as if to repay you for keeping an open heart. Oaxaca’s air is dense with this positive energy. I can’t go a minute without this energy telling me when and where I need to be.

Monte Alban


Street Food

I basically spent the last few days eating, proudly stuffing my face every hour on the hour. By day 7 we had found Julio, our favorite basket taco guy, he gave us his number in case we can’t find him.

Architecture + Street Walking

The architecture is stunning and the streets were made for walking. My favorite street is pedestrian only, Alcalá, it is cobblestone and it is home to my favorite museum, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca, and my favorite coffee shop, Café Bujula. We ran into our friend Lukas whom we met on day 6 when he was playing a show at my favorite bar, La Nueva Babel. We also ran into the artists that performed “multiplicity” a sound piece on day 7 at MACO. They have invited me to their gallery of experimental media. Despite walking Alcalá (or the andador) every day I am always finding something new to take in every step I take.

Artists + Vendors + Friends

The artists are everywhere. They are also very interested in meeting you. At MOCA I met Tomás Hernandez Ruíz, a textile weaver getting ready for a performance/exhibit opening on Friday. We started chatting about our shared passion for fiber and he invited us to Teotítlan just a few minutes outside of Oxaca on Sunday. There he will show me his artist studio, introduce me to his family and show me his work.

Museums + Galleries + Performances + Street Art

There are an immense number of museums and galleries that continue to inspire me. I have to carry a note book around to keep track of all the ideas I have flowing through me. Most are free, all of them worth checking out. You must keep checking for opening nights, performances and talks. This weekend I have about 3 or 4 to attend.




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