Castiglione del Lago

We finally made it to Castiglione del Lago but the water was too choppy to take a paddle boat out.
Our dreams were crushed.
Being the adventurous gals we are, we made the best of it.

If you are walking down a path and you see what used to be a path, we suggest take it. Rather than continuing down the main road we headed right along the shore. What was left of the path was narrow and dropped off to the crashing waves. We adjusted our courage and continued to what became an abandoned part of the lake.
An old boat gas station, a playground graveyard and some very odd shaped buildings lay desolate at the bottom of this old castle.

That afternoon we lay along the shore watching windsurfers. I did some knitting and B read more cooking books. It felt like vacation.
We picked up some meats in a quaint shop inside the walls of the castle. We took a last look from the top to see where we had been. Then we made a steep, winding trek down the side of the hill to our car.

It was a beautiful day, in retrospect it was by far a favorite of this long journey.