Bellingham | dream life


I had an inspiring relative when I was younger. She worked in show business, she always appeared single and she lived in a fabulous cottage somewhere North of Los Angeles. She seemed to live her life however she damn well pleased, while somehow also acquiescing to the needs of her family.
For myself I was really only able to choose one or the other and I am close to living the life that I damn well feel like living.

When I was in Bellingham I stayed with a young woman that seemed to be living this independent dream life. Hers was very well decorated and it felt like a home I had been dreaming of since childhood.

-vintage furniture
-big eye art
-hardwood floors
-fur coats
-Mary figurines
-a bucket of sunglasses
-friends straight chillin

It made the quaint, adorable little town seem even more fantastic or at least well decorated.

All photos shot with a 35mm Canon Ae-1.